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Will I get my security deposit back??
I need help reviewing this Lease!

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We can help with your Lease.

Sift your residential lease before you sign it. Don't sign something you shouldn't!

Built for tenants, CloverContracts® software reviews a residential lease for apartments, condominiums, flats, lofts, or houses.  It uses Artificial Intelligence to offer in-context advice for understanding and negotiating the most commonly used terms and conditions, all in a minute or two! 

How fast is it? What is included?

Typically, you'll get results in 1-2 minutes after uploading your lease.

Each result includes:

  • AI Assisted review: You can upload any type of residential lease agreement, including leases for apartments, condos, flats, lofts, townhomes, and houses.

  • Top 25 Tenant Best Practices: A detailed guidecovering the do's and don't's of lease negotiation.

    Powered by AI to review YOUR document™   

Instant Lease Review




1 - Upload

2 - Review

3 - Edit

Upload your Lease into CloverContracts®

Within seconds, our A.I. engine reads and sifts your Lease, then tells you which provisions are present or missing.

It provides in-context advice to help you understand each provision.

Edit your Lease in 

CloverContracts® and export it to Word, Google Docs or any other word processing application.

 More information about CloverContracts’
 Are you curious about uploading your lease and wonder about the sifting and editing process?



How CloverContracts

Convenient and Helpful

Bringing Artificial Intelligence to you, where you need it


Easy and Empowering

Self-service legal review of your residential Lease Agreement, as a Tenant



Inexpensive resource for when you rent your residence


Peace of Mind

Reviewing your Lease Agreement does not have to be scary

CloverContracts® Plus+

Do you want more than an AI assisted review?

Do you want to contact a Lawyer?

Do you want a Lawyer to help prepare for your negotiation with your landlord?

CloverContracts Plus for AI assisted lawyer review of lease agreement-min.jpg

If YES, CloverContracts® Plus+ may be for you!

The Law firm of Smorey Giger Law will …

+ Sift your lease using CloverContracts®

+ Conduct a 15 minute phone discussion with you to review your Lease


+ Revise and edit your Lease for you to give to your Landlord

ONLY $299

Get started by Emailing your Lease to:

Smorey Giger Law’s small business lawyers are highly regarded, business savvy legal counsel with significant contracts experience.
Marcy Smorey-Giger_Logo White.png

More About Us

CloverContracts® will use AI to identify the key terms in your Lease improving your awareness of the rights and responsibilities of both you and your landlord, it even identifies the missing text. 
CloverContracts® enhances your understanding and positions you to negotiate the terms of your lease, including simplified document editing with exporting and alternatives.”
Marcy Smorey
Founder of CloverContracts
We do what we do
CloverContracts®  is an inexpensive and easy way to understand your lease. Contracts between landlord and tenant are written to benefit the landlord.Through CloverContracts® a tenant can better understand their lease and have peace of mind.


CloverContracts was cheap and easy to use – and it helped me to really understand my lease!  I was afraid of losing my security deposit, but after using CloverContracts to review my lease, I have peace of mind that I now know about all of the hidden pitfalls

—Brooke G.

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